Droid X the new Motorola mobile

Droid X the new Motorola mobile

After it was just rumors and leaks , Yesterday Verizon the American company confirmed the approach of one of the distinct Android phones which expected to achieve a big uproar which is Droid X from Motorola .Confirmation came through the launch of the company to a special page for the phone on its website showing the picture of the phone with "coming soon" phrase 
The company did not confirm any additional information about this device except that he has a giant screen size is 4.3 inch high-definition video recording and 720p HD, and contains troubleshooting HDMI.

Expected to be disclosed this phone in the twenty-third of this month interior a big event held by Verizon, which happens only one day before launching iphone 4 , which is expected to be Droid X one of the deadliest rivals in addition to the HTC Evo which showed the majority of users in a vote conducted by the Mashable site that they prefer on the new iPhone .

But away from the intense competition that will take place in the smart phone market during the coming period, let us now talk about what we know about expected phone Droid X .

Design: Droid X has the same general features of the Droid series, which reveals the toughness and strength and practical and is dominated by black color. In general the device is very thin and made from high quality and contains four buttons at the bottom and a large screen because it is a great device may be difficult to catch him for those who do not like large bodies, but for lovers of the wide screen.

Screen: As mentioned the screen is as large as 4.3 inch accurately 854 × 480 with a marvelous response to touch and multi-touch and have a fantastic image and colors.


Camera: The phone has a camera accurately 8 megapixel camera and experience seems to be capable of shooting excellent pictures already, but have trouble concentrating in some circumstances. Also the camera able to shoot your video high-definition HD accurately 720p.

Keyboard: No solid keyboard comes with the device , but it comes with a plaque Swype also comes with other panel supports multi-touch! That is, they can distinguish the pressure when you press the two characters at the same time. I do not know if this is useful, we will wait until the launch of the phone to see what exactly is the idea behind this board .

Operating System: According to Engadget who have tested the machine The machine works  by Android  2.1 and some rumors say that the version which will be launched officially may work on the Android 2.2, it is still not certain, but be sure that the device is not working on the default front of Android but a new version of the interface Motoblur specially for Motorola expected to be launched under the name Ninjablur, according to the apparent image is really a  wonderful interface based on simple and very fast and do not cause any slow down in the performance of the device as is the case in some other interfaces.

Performance: Very fast. The phone is very fast in all facades and limbs. Moving from window to window and keyboard appear immediately without any delay. The phone has a processor at speeds of 1 GHz and comes with internal memory 8 GB. 

To learn more about the phone we will wait for an event at all, who will speak when officials from both Google, Adobe, Motorola said that it will reveal more surprises and additional features on this phone

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