Microsoft releases new Xbox 360

Microsoft releases new Xbox 360

WASHINGTON: The company "Microsoft" for a new version in the world of gaming "Xbox 360" with a capacity of 250 GB and a tool to control games by reference, and is characterized as the most elegant and calm.
However, Microsoft Senior Vice President of interactive entertainment, Don Mattrick, who made the announcement at the end of Microsoft's E3 briefing, said that the Kinetic interface is also compatible with the existing hardware.

Mattrick said that the new console would be sold for exactly the same recommended retail price as the Xbox Elite console and would ship to US retail outlets this week. UK consumers will have to wait until July 16th to get their hands on the new Xbox 360.
The newspaper "Daily Mail" British features "Xbox" is new is compatible with the standard "n802.11" networks "Wi-Fi" the view of five ports-USB, "USB" and port "HDMI" and another port to connect the tool Kinnict , which allows controlled by the signal and will be "Microsoft" cable data bus, which allows players to keep Ptnzelathm stored. Also depends on the processing chip 45 nanometer process technology, and large cooling fan instead of two helicopters, and are sold "Xbox" in America at 299 U.S. dollars, is scheduled for release in European markets by 16 July.

The new Xbox 360 is also slimmer and sleeker in its design and is significantly quieter than its predecessor. It also boasts a smaller power supply than the original Xbox 360 and features three USB ports on the back panel and two at the front. The hard-drive of the device is also smaller, and has prompted questions about how owners of the current Xbox 360 will migrate their saved data to the new console.
The new Xbox 360 was announced alongside a long list of hotly anticipated titles at Microsoft's briefing, including Gears Of War 3, Fable III and Halo Reach. Microsoft also unveiled a lengthy list of games and features which make use of the Kinect interface, which were briefly shown to the international media in an elaborate performance by the Cirque du Soleil on Sunday.


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