Pakistani Islamic site to compete with "facebook"

Pakistani Islamic site to compete with "facebook"
 launched Pakistani Islamist Web sites for social networking to compete with the site "facebook", amid hopes that the participation of about 1.6 billion

Muslims, after the uproar caused by the competition launched by a User of "facebook" Westerners to draw pictures depicting the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.
A group of six workers in the field of Information Technology Lahore, Pakistan's cultural capital, has launched a site "" to continue the Muslims across the Internet and to protest against the abuse of Islam.
And this project came after a Pakistani court ordered the site blocked Facebook until May 31, against the backdrop of the competition depicting the Islam.
The new site features:
The site "" is the first Pakistani to social networking, one of the Muslims and Muslims, and also welcomes every person courteous from another religion.
One of the designers of the site: "professionals in the field of information technology are working around the clock to provide benefits in the site are similar to those offered by the original Facebook."
The site includes the new page "Latest News" to put the comments by friends, and provides the ability to send messages and put photos and video, chat, and others.
He says the new site has attracted 4300 members during the past three days, most of them Pakistanis who speak English who are in their twenties.
Osman said Zuhair (24 years), chief operating officer of the company that hosts the site: "We want to say to the owners of Facebook that if Osotm to deal with us then you bear the consequences, and if abused one for the Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him will become rivals and Nqaibdh a lot of the economic losses."

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